Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review - Immortal Diamond, The Search for Our True Self, By Richard Rohr

In this book, and also in his best-seller, Falling Upward and some of his other books, Richard Rohr speaks often of the ego as part of the False Self, and how it gets in the way of spiritual maturity. Throughout the book he gives many examples of the False Self and also of the True Self, which he likens to a diamond, buried deep within us. Like a diamond, it is formed under deep pressure, the pressure of our lives. It must be searched for and uncovered, and separated from the ego that surrounds it.

In the spiritual journey, our False Self must be resurrected, like Jesus, with this resurrection to be accomplished (or at least well begun) during the first half of our life. The process is of transformation, not resuscitation. The term "Immortal Diamond" reflects a line from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Richard Rohr in his unique style brings clarification to the mysteries of grace, death and resurrection. The author ends with several appendices to amplify and clarify his message. He also offers notes for each of the nine chapters. One of the praises for "Immortal Diamond" by Paul D'Arcy, another noted author states:
"The power of Immortal Diamond is impossible to exaggerate. Each word is a rare gift from a true elder and a worthy guide." 
You will find it inspirational.