Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fresh Bread, and Other Gifts of Spiritual Nourishment, by Joyce Rupp

Joyce Rupp, a member of the Servants of Mary Community (Servites), a well-known speaker, retreat director, and author of spiritual books, has written this handbook for spiritual growth which began as a monthly newsletter for those who are caught up with their busy schedules and have little time to devote to Scripture reading or personal prayer; but still they have a hunger for nourishing their inner spirit.

The author begins with the theme of a handful of dough, which mixed with other ingredients becomes bread to nourish us and help us to grow. So in the spiritual realm, we take what we know of God and the god-life within us and the love that God reveals to us through the beauties of Creation, other persons and God's Word in Scripture --and mix it with the events of our everyday lives--to nourish our spirit and transform our lives in God and to be a blessing for others.

For each month Joyce gives a theme related to the season of the year, such as the freshness of new snow, growing through the hardships of life, searching for what is missing in our life (Lent), the joyful moments of Spring and new growth, Autumn leaves and sorrow, and preparing a dwelling place for the Lord. These themes are reinforced by brief daily Scripture readings, personal reflection, prayers in prose and poetry, questions at the end of each chapter, with suggestions for journaling and integrating daily life and prayer. You will find this small book delightfully refreshing and spiritually nourishing.

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